Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival online selection

So this crazy thing happened…

“Run Don’t Run”, the very first short I wrote (back in 2016) made it to the online selection at Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival.

I’m so grateful and honored for the hard work put into this by a great bunch of people after it left my desk. Thank you so much – and for me; onwards with the writing!

Had a blast in Sweden – again!

The opportunity came to me again to go to Sweden and work on a film set. This time it was a feature film, not a TV series. I’m so grateful!

Spent a week working as a props assistant and also got to see the shooting of the final scene in the film. That was spectacular, accompanied by the midnight sun.

Got to met a bunch of kind and inspiring people and amongst them a few familiar faces from last year.

I also got to chat with the producer – and let’s hope a seed is planted for future cooperation.

Thanks for having me, Sweden! Now off to writing…