Run Don’t Run

Written by: 
Cathinka Brustad

Sensitive high school loner Piper pays former cheerleader, now quadriplegic Jessica a visit to return a book she stole from her in the past, but Jessica doesn’t want company. Commanded to leave Piper kisses her which causes her to cry and call for her mother. In panic Piper traps herself in the room by blocking the door. Jessica’s mother calls the police whereas Jessica is not convinced the kiss was unintended and commands Piper to kiss her again.

Given to director Lucien Simon
Production finished


Australia, present day

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My very first written short film screenplay.

1st draft was a semi finalist in Stage 32’s Short Film Script Contest 2016 (my first contest).

Finished film made it to the online selection of the 2019 Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival.

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