Had a blast in Sweden – again!

The opportunity came to me again to go to Sweden and work on a film set. This time it was a feature film, not a TV series. I’m so grateful!

Spent a week working as a props assistant and also got to see the shooting of the final scene in the film. That was spectacular, accompanied by the midnight sun.

Got to met a bunch of kind and inspiring people and amongst them a few familiar faces from last year.

I also got to chat with the producer – and let’s hope a seed is planted for future cooperation.

Thanks for having me, Sweden! Now off to writing…

Had a blast!

Home from Sweden!

It was truly a great experience working on that filmset! They welcomed me with open arms, let me work and see it all and answered my newbie questions.

I talked to one of the screenwriters, the director and one of the producers. It was so interesting hearing their thoughts on the script and the production.

I also learned a lot about props, of course. And lighting. And sound. The more I learn about what’s actually behind the camera, the more it becomes impossible to watch movies like I used to.

And I like that.

Off to Sweden!

I’m very fortunate to get the chance to go to Sweden and work as a Stand By Props assistant for a week and a half.

I figured, I can’t be a screenwriter and not know about the dynamics and the collaboration and the chaos and the fun on a filmset!

Forever grateful.

Next course is up!

So, I just jumped on board Karel Seger’s Insider Program on getting your screenplay read and sold.

It’s a self study, but not to be mistaken for easy.

Karel Segers never makes it easy for you – and that’s why he’s one of the best to learn from.

Here we go!

Tasploitation Prompts Package

Ready, set, GO!

The Tasploitation challenge package for our team contains:

    • A worn out green woman’s wallet
    • The dialogue line “I can’t think of myself, my body, sometimes, without seeing the skeleton”
    • The horror sub genre “Giallo”

Never in my whole life have I heard of Giallo, so this is gonna be interesting…

Mind you that no two teams get the same prompts package. That’s what’s so exciting about this challenge!

Tasploitation 2017!

I have the honor of joining up as a writer with team North By South for the Tasploitation challenge 2017!

Norway meets Australia for this!

As a team you get 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, score and submit a horror short film – BUT you are not completely free.

The second the challenge set off, your team are given a “surprise-package” with a prop, a line of dialogue and a horror sub genre that must be included.

This is exciting!

I do not own the rights to this photo – the rights belong to Stranger With My Face.

Graduate no. 22!


I graduated from Immersion Screenwriting!

180 days – 3 stages – from zero knowledge of the craft to being on my way to build a solid base for my career…

These six months have been the most exciting journey. I got to challenge myself in dicipline and persistence, I met a bunch of really great people online and of course; I learned A LOT.

I am forever grateful to Karel Segers and the opportunity to join his course.

What a start…

Well, I didn’t make it into the Top Ten in the Stage 32 Short Film Script Contest, but hey, what a start….

I never expected to actually come as far as to the Semi Finals – I mean, with my first short screenplay ever??

I’m grateful for this experience, and I know it’s only one way from here and that’s up.

I have plans for “Run Don’t Run”.